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Animal Farm And Fahrenheit 451 - 1020 Words

The Burning Truth Both Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451 are fictional novels in which a dystopian society exists. These societies were both created by a â€Å"central government†. When citizens of these societies fail to stand up and protect their rights, authority figures will keep increasing their level of aggressiveness until it ruptures the society. When the authorities in these novels abuse their power, it fractures the society and greatly increases corruption. Orwell and Bradbury both did a tremendous job in developing the characters and the overall setting to help the reader understand the important message of the story. In Animal Farm, the animals may be animals, but in another reality of the story, they represent humans and ideas in a society. The animals can lie, manipulate, and train other animals to their own advantage as humans do. The consequences of lying, manipulating, and taking advantage of others, are destructive. There is the brutal â€Å"dictator†, Napoleon who always got his way. He used propaganda and terror to intimidate the animals, until they could not resist. â€Å"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others† (Orwell, 43). This was the final change to the animal’s Seven Commandments. This was the ultimate example of how the pigs were controlling the remaining animals. The first part of the quote makes it seem like all animals are equal, creating a positive view of the commandment. It is yet to be known that the end of the quote impliesShow MoreRelatedAnimal Farm And Fahrenheit 4511662 Words   |  7 Pagesforming people’s perceptions which has a compelling influence on who attains ascendency. In the allegorical novella, Animal Farm by George Orwell, it conveys Orwell s perspective regarding communism during the Russian Revolution through an account featuring a boar named Napoleon who manipulates the animals that reside on the farm. Similarly, in the dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, it revolves around a character named Montag living in a society where the government reinforces censorshipRead MoreInnocence and Oppressiveness in Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm853 Words   |  4 Pagesbook Fahrenheit 451 and the book Animal Farm characters who are unaware of their surroundings allow for characters such as Beatty, Mr. Jones, and Napoleon to take over. Often times it is necessary for an oppressive power to be forceful in order to take over. Hitler is a leader who used force to take over the German people. In the case of both of these books the naà ¯vetà © groups of people are used for their ignorance for the benefit of the leaders, and physical power is not required. Animal Farm andRead MoreAnimal Farm And Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis811 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscriminated against. Again this theme of â€Å"the struggle for freedom† is shown in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, and Fahrenhei t 451 by Ray Bradbury. In both of these novels the characters struggle to gain their freedom from the restrictions society placed on them. Freedom is only attained when it is fought for as shown in â€Å"I Have a Dream†, Fahrenheit 451, and Animal Farm. In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, Montag struggles for freedom despite societys restrictions. This is demonstrated when MontagRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Fahrenheit 451 1413 Words   |  6 PagesAnimal Farm and Fahrenheit 451 Book-burning is the first thing that is explained about this future based society of Fahrenheit 451. Burning books is the obliteration of the single thought on paper or in one word- censorship. Books are considered evil because they make people question and think. All intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge must be quelled for the good of the state — for the good of conformity. Without ideas, everyone conforms, and as a result, everyone should be happy. WhenRead MoreThe Doctrine Of The Roman Catholic Church1184 Words   |  5 Pagesof cases where the trust conferred onto authority was abused. During the fifteenth century, Galileo questioned the roman catholic church. Martin Luther also questioned the Catholic church in the sixteenth century, and in George Orwell s Animal Farm, the animals questioned their human masters. During the fifteenth century, the Catholic church was the authority on scientific knowledge. The Catholic church taught geocentrism, the belief that the sun revolves around the earth. Galileo, an Italian scientistRead MoreFahrenheit 451: the Firemen851 Words   |  4 Pagesan era that plagued the minds of Americans with fears of atomic war and Cold War conspiracies, provides an appropriate setting for the foundation of novels protesting government policies. Animal Farm, 1984, and other similar satires of the time period demand government reform. But Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 staunchly contrasts these other writings; rather than presenting some omniscient tale admonishing its audience of the dangers of government hierarchy, Bradbury uses satire to criticize primarilyRead MoreEssay On Ray Bradbury1154 Words   |  5 Pages Who is Ray Bradbury? Well many of you probably already know who he is. He is an author who wrote many good books such as Fahrenheit 451, The Martian C hronicles, The Illustrated Man, and The October Country. I have read his book Fahrenheit 451 and it was a spectacular piece of art. In this paper you will learn more about this legendary author named Ray Bradbury. Ray bradbury was born August 22nd, 1920 in Waukegan Illinois. He died June 5th, 2012 in Los Angeles California at the age of 91. Read MoreAnalysis Of The Book Fahrenheit 451 Homework Questions 980 Words   |  4 PagesEve Cao Futagaki English Honors 1 4 March 2016 Fahrenheit 451 Homework Questions Part 1 1. I think Bradbury chose the symbols the phoenix and the salamander because they are both animals associated with fire, a theme in the book. in the book the salamander symbolizes the firemen who burned houses that owned books by starting fires. A salamander is able to survive fires. The phoenix represents the â€Å"rebirth† of society. The society began from settings book on fire to people filled with curiosityRead MoreViolence And Destruction By Ray Bradbury1082 Words   |  5 Pagesobsessed and infatuated with violence. Whether it be in action movies, or in studies about how harmful it is, we can t stop thinking about it. Destruction is one of the significant issues impacting us today. Ray Bradbury starts his dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, with the following quote, â€Å"It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in hisRead MoreEssay about The Perpetual Battle Against Censorship3071 Words   |  13 Pages(176) says Ray Bradbury when explaining the reason he wrote Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury at the time was upset about condensed books, or books which had been simplified for easier reading. Luckily, this fad seems to have passed. However, he was also upset about people who wrote asking him to change the role of women or African-Americans to make them more or less dominant in some of his works. One of the major themes in Fahrenheit 451 was just that; a society where everyone got what they wished

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Postpartum Depression - 1902 Words

Postpartum Depression The risk factors, symptoms and treatment methods Pregnancy and childbirth is a miraculous part of everyday life. The female body is able to carry a developing baby and bring another life into the world. However along with this great phenomenon, can come illness and mood disorders. Postpartum Depression is a serious and very common mental health problem that affects women after giving birth. It is a period of time when the new mother experiences changes in her hormonal level and develops signs of depression. Based on previous medical and personal history, certain women are believed to be at a high risk for Postpartum Depression. The DSM lists multiple symptoms of Postpartum Depression that are similar to those of other depression mood disorders. Research and experiments have been done to learn more about the risks, symptoms and treatment methods of Postpartum Depression. It is important to note that the determination for women at risk of Postpartum Depression is very difficult to define. However different meta-analyses have shown that there are mild or even strong associations between certain risk factors and women with Postpartum Depression (Kettunen et al. 2014). Such risk factors are a history of depression, stressful and traumatic life events, poor marital relationships and poor social support. Interestingly, some stressful life events such as an unplanned pregnancy and difficult child temperaments are not as strongly associated with postpartum.Show MoreRelatedPostpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatment1700 Words   |  7 PagesWhen Postpartum Depression Leads to Psychosis According to authors Susan Dowd Stone and Alexis E. Menken postpartum depression can start during pregnancy which is called perinatal disorder (2008). During pregnancy, women can suffer through mood disorders which are a leading cause of postpartum depression. Women who are screened and diagnosed for depression are most likely to have postpartum depression. Doctors know to keep a close watch on these women who are found positive for depression. AfterRead MorePostpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatments1518 Words   |  7 Pages2015). These are mild symptoms of depression and usually go away within two weeks after giving birth. However, the symptoms of unspecified depressive disorder with peripartum onset also known as postpartum depression (PPD) can be more intense and last significantly longer than the â€Å"baby blues.† According to the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association [APA] 2013), postpartum depression occurs during pregnancy or in the 4 weeks following deli very. Postpartum depression has symptoms that cause clinicallyRead MorePostpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatment Essay2158 Words   |  9 PagesPostpartum Depression is depression that occurs after performing childbirth. This condition is often mistaken for the â€Å"baby blues† which has similar symptoms such as tearfulness, extreme sadness, anxiety, self-doubt, and fatigue. However, the â€Å"baby blues† goes away within a few weeks after and unlike the â€Å"baby blues†, postpartum depression can cause suicidal thoughts, difficulty making decisions, and feeling too exhausted to get out of bed for hours. If postpartum depression is not treated properlyRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Postpartum Depression2232 Words   |  9 PagesResearch Postpartum depression affects about 13% of new mothers within the first year after childbirth (Marrs, 2013). Every year there are nearly 4 million births and approximately 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression (â€Å"Postpartum Depression-ACOG†, 2013). When a woman is screened for PPD, they are typically evaluated after giving birth and approximately 4-6 weeks after delivery. Screening can include the use of Postnatal questionnaires to determine the severity of the depression and the treatmentRead MorePostpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatments Essay1101 Words   |  5 PagesDepression Postpartum in United States According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, depression is â€Å"a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, a significant increase or decrease in appetite and time spent sleeping, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal tendencies.† According to the definition of the fourth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), postpartum depressionRead MorePostpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatment2159 Words   |  9 Pages Postpartum Depression Monica Hufford Eastern Florida State College Spring 2016 Total Word Count Postpartum Depression This paper give a in depth description of five different articles, all with the main subject being postpartum depression. The first three description are of experiments that have been carried out on postpartum depression, in the explanation of these journals the purpose, hypothesis, procedures, participants, results and limitations will be discussed. The last twoRead MoreInformative Speech961 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Outline Topic: â€Å"Postpartum Depression† General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about Postpartum Depression Thesis: Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that can greatly effect new mothers. Knowing how to recognize their symptoms and treating it can greatly increase chances of a healthy, happy living. Attention Getter: Imagine a bright sunny morning, lite clouds low chances of rain which is a great example of a perfect day. You receive a call from someoneRead MorePathophysiology And Effects Of Postpartum Depression1528 Words   |  7 PagesRhetoric Professor Jaffe The Pathophysiology Effects of Postpartum Depression After childbirth, around 85% of women experience some sort of mood change. For most, the symptoms, following childbirth are minor and brief, otherwise known as the baby blues. Though, 10 to 15% of a woman’s baby blues manifests and develops into postpartum depression and in extreme circumstances, psychosis (Zonana, J., Gorman, J., 2005). Postpartum depression is a multifaceted phenomenon with various components. ThisRead MorePostpartum Depression And Postpartum Psychosis1135 Words   |  5 PagesPostpartum Depression vs Postpartum Psychosis 1. Postpartum Depression vs Postpartum Psychosis 2. Faith Williams 3. Comp 1 4. Abstract Ongoing sleep deprivation, the intense experience of birth, radical role shifts, and hormonal fluctuations all collide to produce mood swings, irritability, and feelings of being overwhelmed in the majority of mothers. While as many as 80% experience some form of the â€Å"baby blues,† a smaller percentage experience Postpartum Depression, with even fewer momsRead Moreâ€Å"Postpartum Depression Affects 10% To 20% Of Women After1612 Words   |  7 Pages â€Å"Postpartum depression affects 10% to 20% of women after delivery, regardless of maternal age, race, parity, socioeconomic status, or level of education†.( Consise) Postpartum depression is a major depression episode that occurs after childbirth affecting not only the mother but also the child and family members. After the delivery of the placenta extending for about six weeks this is considered as as the postpartum period. This a critical period for the mother and new born physiological and

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There is a movement brewing in the United States Free Essays

There is a movement brewing in the United States to make English the official language of the country, but the whole idea seems preposterous. After all, the English and others who speak Her Majesty’s tongue would be the first to explain that what Americans speak is not English. At best, the official language should be American. We will write a custom essay sample on There is a movement brewing in the United States or any similar topic only for you Order Now    But the debate continues regardless. That is why we must do whatever is necessary to prevent English from being declared the official language of the United States. The debate centers on the concept that a nation needs an official language to be homogenous and that declaring an official language will mean that the government no longer has to print documents in a dozen different languages. Those in favor of the proposal argue that it will also mean we no longer have to push one for English. Proponents claim it will save millions and that it will lead to the entirety of the country forming a single identity. Opponents to the proposal argue that we have operated for 230 years without an official languages and that there is simply no reason to start with one now. They argue that the concept of an official language is racist and attacks the non-Anglo citizens of the country. An official language is unnecessary and should not be enacted. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by declaring English the official language of the United States. Moreover, it is time to acknowledge that most of the countries of the world do not have one official language, they have multiple. Choosing English as the official language of the United States encourages the xenophobic an.d elitist attitude that Americans have long been accused of worldwide. Americans need to learn additional languages, not force others to learn theirs.   The concept that Americans are so arrogant as to assume that everyone else should have to learn their language is insulting to non-Anglo citizens and the rest of the world as well. Another reason that declaring English the official language of the Untied States is simply wrong is that a significant portion of the American populace does not speak English or at the very least does not speak it well. Recent estimates are that soon the Hispanic population in the United States will make up as much as 25 percent of the total population. Most of the immigrants do not speak English as their first language and so then requiring them to only speak English when dealing with official government documents or calling to conduct any sort of business, is insulting and racist. In addition, in other countries where the majority of the populace speaks multiple languages, the country has more than one official language.   If the proposal were to make English and Spanish the official languages of the country, it would make much more sense. Finally, the single best argument against making English the official language of the United States is that it is completely contradictory to the entire history of the nation. American history is based on the concept that America is as a melting pot, but that melting pot was never intended to make us all the same.   We are supposed to celebrate our differences and celebrate the variety of different cultures that make up our country, not try to smash them all into the same identical little box. The concept that a country made up entirely of immigrants could then try to decide that the language of one group of immigrants was more important than the language of the other immigrants is completely contradictory to the founding principles of the country. It negates the very theory of freedom of choice and freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Proponents of English as the official language say that while some countries worldwide have two official languages, right now the United States has none. The lack of an official language means that government documents must be presented in many different languages, adding to the cost of doing business. Furthermore, may countries around the world are adding English to their list of official languages because English is the language of business around the world. If any language comes close to be the language of the world, it is English. Perhaps because of the extent of the British Empire and possibly because of the economic power of English-speaking languages, most business transactions around the world are conducted in English. Therefore, it makes sense that America would make English its official language. Simply because a portion of the populace has not taken the time to learn the language of commerce, does not mean that they should be used as an excuse to keep the rest of the country from making progress. The fact of the matter is that most of the country’s business is already conducted in English and the excuse that people have not yet learned the language is not a valid argument in favor of avoiding having an official language. Finally, yes, America has always been the melting pot and the land of opportunity where people can bring their culture and share it with others. But over the generations, those immigrants have always adopted the language of the land and the laws of the land in the process of assimilating into their new country. To say that because we are a nation of immigrants we cannot have a uniform language is to put our individual cultures above our collective culture. It is time for our culture to overcome and create an American identity. The decision to name an official language remains unnecessary when it forces some part of the American populace to feel that the it is a personal affront. While it may be time for the country to develop a national identity, it should not have to be done at the expense of the other members of the society. In short, American should still be the land of opportunity and those who do not speak English as their primary language should not be discriminated against simply because they have not yet learned the language of commerce. In addition, the reality is that anyone who has spoken extensively with people who speak the Queen’s English knows that Americans do not speak the same English as the remainder of the world. American and English truly are related languages, but not the same. It is perfectly legitimate to acknowledge English as the language of business and commerce, but there is no overriding reason to make it the official language of the nation. And, the main reason why it is unnecessary is that quite simply, we’ve done without it for 231 years. Why change things that work? How to cite There is a movement brewing in the United States, Essay examples

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Discuss research into different type of attachment free essay sample

Mary Ainsworth conducted two naturalistic observations, one in the rural community of Kampala in Uganda which lasted for two years and the other in the urban city of Baltimore which had lasted for one year. The aim of this observation was to look at a mother and infant interaction. In both study she used the same number of participants, which were 26 mothers and their infants. Using the strange situation she found three different types of attachments that were displayed by the children and the fourth found by Main and Solomon. The first study in Uganda she found that some mothers were more sensitive to their infants needs meaning that, they were more capable of providing more details about their infants. The infants of these mothers were ‘securely attached’, this means that in their mothers’ presence they cried little and were more eager to explore. This secure attachment led to the infants being more independence because they used their mothers as a secure base that they could run to in time of danger. The second observation took place in Baltimore, America. In this study she and her team did not use a behaviour checklist which means that there was not certain thing that she was looking for, for example she did not have a paper where she wrote all the behaviour that she was looking for such as anger or sorrow and ticked them off when she witnessed it, she was purely just writing what she had seen. In this observation she found that mother were more sensitive to their infants for the first three months of their lives, meaning that in the one year that she had studied them, only for the first three months the mother, who was classified as a secure base responded more to the infants needs during that time period. Learning theorist found this confusing, this is because from their understanding, responsiveness to behavioural social releasers, such as crying should act as a reinforcer and increase the crying, but this was different Anisworth predication which was that behavioural social releasers decrease the caregiver responsiveness. One limitation of these studies is that because it was a longitudinal study, which means that it went over for a long period of time, it may have caused  participant attrition, where participants drop out of the study and this may cause problems for her, such as she may not have yet found what she needed. but one strength of the study being longitudinal is that the mother may become more comfortable with the fact of someone observing them so this could led to them being more free and able to express themselves better, and this would be an advantage for Mary as she will witness the mothers true personality and behaviour. One limitation of the Baltimore study alone was that her study was not operationalised; meaning that she did not define what she was observing and this could lead to her finding irrelevant information. In the Baltimore study we saw that Mary Anisworth conducting her research using the Strange Situation. This method was used to test the nature of attachment systematically. the aim of this was to see how infants behaved under condition of mild stress and novelty, this stress was created by a presence of a stranger and by separation from caregiver; this is tests stranger anxiety and separation anxiety. The strange situation also tries to encourage exploration by placing infant in a novel situation which tests the secure base concept. This research takes place in a novel environment, this is a 99 foot square marked off into 16 squares, and this was to help mark the movements of the infants. This method consists of eight episodes, each used to emphasise certain behaviours; the behaviour that was assessed was stranger anxiety, this is the distress shown by an infant when approached or picked up by someone who is unknown to them. The second behaviour assessed is separation anxiety, this is the distress revealed by infants when separated from its primary attachment figure. And the last behaviour assessed was Reunion behaviour this is the behaviour shown by infants when reunited with their mother. The results in a strange situation are collected by a group of observers who record what the infants are doing every 15 seconds. Aniworth et al (1978) found that there are three types of attachment that infants had with their caregiver. One of the attachment found was the secure attachment, this is when an infant has a strong and cooperative interaction with their caregiver. These types of infants properly will not cry if their caregiver leaves the room, but when feeling scared they use their caregiver  as safety net that they run to seek close bodily contact and although they may not want to leave their caregivers side prematurely, they are easily soothed. They seek and are comfortable with social interaction and intimacy. The securely attached infants are more independent this is because they use their caregiver a secure base and because they know that they have this secure base they tend to explore their environment more. Another type of attachment is Insecure-avoidant, this attachment is formed of children that don’t like to socially interact with others and tend to avoid intimacy. In the strange situation, when separated from their caregiver these children show little response and do not seek proximity of their caregiver on reunion. If the infant is picked up they may show little or no tendency to cling or resist being put down. These children do not need their caregiver to be there for them to explore, they are quite happy to do it without them. They may also become quite angry because their attachment needs are not met. Furthermore another type of attachment is insecure-resistant, these are children who both seek and reject intimacy and social interaction. When separated with their caregiver they show intense distress, on reunion they may resist being picked up while also trying to maintain proximity. The last type of attachment was found by Main and Solomon (1986) when they done a re-analysis of over 200 strange situation. The fourth attachment that they found was Disorganised; this type is characterised by a lack of a consistent patterns of social behaviour. These children can show strong attachment, which is suddenly followed by avoidance or looking fearful towards their caregiver or displaying odd movements such as stumbling. In conclusion, there are four types of attachment that children display these are secure attachment, insecure- resistant, insecure avoidance and disorganised and a way to identify what type of attachment a child has is to use the strange situation method, that was first conducting by Mary Anisworth.

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Microbiology †New Disease

Microbiology – New Disease Microbiology – New Disease Once at the location/site of infection where it is considered as the locus of activity of the infectious agent, the first step would entail separating people showing symptomatic and symptomatic signs of the infection. The next step would be to collecting stool samples for later laboratory analysis. In a bid to establish a possible connection point between the new suspect microbes and the disease this will ordinarily entail the microorganisms will be indentifies under a microscope identified using direct examination methods, for instance, microscopy and gram staining in order to identify some of the displayed morphological features. This would also entail the isolation of causative agents. An understanding of the types of media available and their use will increase the chances of isolating a causative agent (Shimeld Rodgers 475).Direct examination using the light microscope would be done to identify organism features using the stained components. This would entail using the most appr opriate magnification resolutions for direct microscopy. Differential staining would also be done using gram staining techniques. The difference between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria is in the permeability of the cell wall to these complexes on treatment with mixtures of acetone and alcohol solvents (Ryan, Ray Sherris 232).The basic mechanism of establishing the mode of transmission of the identified microorganism in the new hosts will involve employing inoculation procedures in which the microorganism will be introduced into a test organism, essentially described as ex-situ arrangement where is grown out of the normal host. First, the microorganisms would be cultured using nutrient media, selective media, and indicator media. Nutrient media are essentially meant to satisfy growth of the microorganism in order to allow easy isolation and propagation (Ryan, Ray Sherris 236). Selective media are essentially used for the identification of pathogenic organisms. On the other hand, indicator media are meant to demonstrate the biochemical functions of the specific pathogens under study (Ryan, Ray Sherris 237). The organisms would then be inoculated in the chosen culture media. After inoculation, the media needs to be incubated to allow growth under the right temperatures depending on whether it is an aerobic or anaerobic process. Once growth is detected in any medium, the process of identification begins. Identification involves the use of methods to obtain pure cultures from single colonies, followed by tests to characterize and identify the isolate (Ryan, Ray Sherris 238). Identifying the causative agent would then involve the pursuance of cultural characteristics, biochemical characteristics, toxin production and pathogenicity, antigenic structure, and genomic structures in order to identify the transmission mechanisms to new hosts.In addition, this would entail a consideration of the respective host resistance factors, microbial mechanisms of patho genicity, and pathological mechanisms seen in the new host (Shimeld Rodgers 23). First in host resistance, this will entail consideration of the innate and adaptive resistance factors. Secondly, microbial pathogenicity mechanisms would entail consideration of the respective routes of entry, adherence and invasion mechanisms, toxins production, avoidance of host defence mechanisms, and dissemination to a new host (Shimeld Rodgers 23). Thirdly, pathological mechanisms on the host would entail studying cellular damage, display of hypersensitivity reactions in the host and host susceptibility factors (Shimeld Rodgers 23).

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What are environmental benefits of joining European Union Essay

What are environmental benefits of joining European Union - Essay Example Firstly, scholars have noted that the environmental standards that the European Union promotes can potentially save between 50,000 and 150,000 lives in countries that adopt EU standards; due to reduced levels of air pollution alone (Daly, 2012). With such a drastic reduction in death associated with air pollution, the society itself is not only better off and more healthy, they are able to defray a great many expenses that are associated with the long term healthcare of those individuals that suffer from this pollution. Estimates from scholars put the total cost savings that are associated with the above issue at tens of billions of pounds annually. Such a change can clearly be denoted with respect to the vastly positive shift in air purity that was represented within Romania’s air pollution index after European Union inclusion. Additionally, people in rural areas can be connected to municipal waste management systems; thereby reducing the pollution that takes place within the countryside as a result of illegal dumping. The power that this particular requirement has is oftentimes misunderstood or under-stated. However, by standardizing and centralizing the waste management of these nations, the entire ecosystem is preserved from the harm that many smaller and less stringent dumping sites would necessarily reflect (Kingston, 2010). The European Union also promotes a series of new requirements on nature protection; these will help to preserve the natural habitat of many creatures and a great many forest and swamp lands for future generations to enjoy (Bertram & Rehdanz, n.d.). Although such a consideration is oftentimes not the first concern of those individuals that wish to promote a further level of economic growth and independence, it is necessary for the preservation of the nation’s resources to consider the long term impacts that further destruction of